With our location in the middle of Småland we are not really far from any children and
family attraction in the South of Sweden.

High Chaparral

14 km from our camping is HIGH CHAPARALL – cowboy-city and is probably the most popular destination among our guests.

Store Mosse

Store Mosse is Sweden’s largest marshland South of Lapland. Here are several northern plant species and some of northern marsh birds.

Store Mosse became a National Park in 1982 and covers approximately 7 500 ha. Kävsjön is famous as a bird lake. These breeds including whooper Swan and crane. Within the national park there are several hiking trails, a total of about 3 miles, and at Svänö and Lovo are huts. The old farm buildings at Sväno and Lovo and the former managers dwelling at Kittlakull is provided for short-term rental. At the for handicapped people accessible bird Tower south-west of Kävsjön (next to the
road between Värnamo and Hillerstorp) houses an exhibition about the Store Mosse.

The tower is staffed during weekends. Binoculars on loan!

Booking phone Store Mosse 0370-188 00

aHeritage Marieholm

If you want to experience the culture and nature Marieholm is only a few kilometres from Flatenbadets Camping. In Marieholm, you can walk along the beautiful hiking trails, including the Lindestubbeleden, Saxhylteleden mm. There are remains from the industrialisation different epochs. Unique nature and memories from people's lives, which clearly shows how man and nature together create values, both for survival and for future construction. A guided canal tour , from Hillerstorp -Flaten and Marieholm with ferry (high season.  Please ask us.


Phone 0370-515959


This veteran Motorcycle Club meet at the Flatenbadets Camping every other Monday, uneven week at 18.00!

Please come by and check out the nice motorcycles.

Beacuse of covid -19  they bikers  is not here right now.

Flatenbadets Cottage & Camping

330 33 Hillerstorp