Flatenbadets Cottage & Camping

330 33 Hillerstorp

Phone: 0046 768370880

About Us

At Lake Flatens beach is this beautifully camping located. We have for families with children the most favourite beach at Smålands most shallow lake, perfect for badminton, volleyball or yoga.

Flatenbadets Camping is a quiet family camping that can offer good swimming, canoe rental, café and food, fishing, mini golf or just relax at a beautiful sunset and enjoy a good shrimp-sandwich.

At Flatenbadets Camping, you can enjoy activities such as mini golf, fishing, quiet canoeing trips or walks in nature.


Newly built wall

We have a newly built pier with handicap ramp, and wheelchairs to bath with a nice ramp down to the water. The pier has been built by the Society of Hillerstorp. We have built two toilets for handicapped people, one with shower possibility.

We are affiliated with SCR Swedish Camping

On all camping sites that are connected to the SCR Swedish Camping, It is mandatory to register.

A Camping Key Europe buys you the easiest before your visit on our website or at www.Camping.se or Campingkeyeurope.se.. You can also buy it at our reception when you arrive.

When you already bought Camping Key Europe, it enables you to quickly and easily from within the app, My Camping Key, which you can download through the App Store and the Android market. Here is the information for those who want to read more (PDF).

Opening hours

We are open during summer from 1 May to 31 th of August

High season
13th of June – 19 th of August: Every day 9.00-20.00

Low season
1 May – 12th of June: Every day 14.00 – 19.00

Open time in Aug
10th of Aug  – 31 th of August  we are open 14.00 – 19.00


Flatenbadets Cottage & Camping

330 33 Hillerstorp